1. How are the Forex Signals Sent?

The Signals are sent via Whats-app.

   2. How to receive Forex Signals?

   3. When are the signals sent?

The Payment should be made through our website i.e. www.kaincapital.co.uk by selecting the signal package of your choice. On successful payment of the same, we will add you on our Whats-app members list and you will start receiving the signals.

Generally the signals are provided at 10 p.m. UK Time. However, sometimes signals will be sent at any time during the day.

   4.How many signals are provided during the day?

Generally, the signals provided in a day are in the range of 1 - 6.

   5.Pairs or Commodities for which the signals are provided?

The signals shall be provided for the major currencies, Gold, Silver, Platinum, Oil, Natural Gas, Copper. We concentrate on around 26 pairs of currencies and 6 Commodities. 

   6.How many pips is guaranteed during the month?

300 Pips a Month.

   7.Whether refund of fees are received if 300 Pips is not achieved?

   8.How are the fees calculated for refund if annual subscription is subscribed for?

Yes. The fees paid minus any transfer fees for that month will be refunded if 300 Pips are not achieved.

In case of annual, semi annual or quarterly subscription, the monthly fees shall be calculated by dividing the annual fees paid by 12. Therefore, in case annual subscription is purchased for 900 USD and in one month, 300 Pips are not achieved, then 75 USD shall be refunded to the individual.

   9.What are the Risk Management Rules?

Yes.The risk management rules must be followed and adhered to at all points of time in trading.Upto 1000 USD Account Size - Trade Size for each position will be 0.01.For every 1000 USD or part thereof 0.01 Lot Size is to be added.For Example:- For 5000 USD Account Size, Lot Size should be 0.05 

   10.Are the lot sizes different for various forex pairs?

Yes. The forex pairs has different pip value in USD terms. Therefore, the lot sizes are to be adjusted after taking into account the pair that is to be traded depending on the individual risk.

   11.Will the pip value  be shared for each pair?

Yes, pip value in USD terms shall be shared for every trade for the pairs we trade. Based on the same, the individual can decided the lot size for the trade.

   12.What information is given in the signal?

Following information is provided when signal is sent:

(a) Trade Execution Price

(b) Stop Loss

(c) Target Price

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